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Laying the Foundations

Hobart United FC emerged from the Tasmanian African Community. It was late in 2002 when the club founders

Jacky Kuel, Patrick Ochaya, Fawaz Ateem,and Awak Mario-Ring   formed the first team.

At this time a healthy debate emerged over the name and direction of the club. Patrick, the club's first President, felt that the new club should embrace multiculturalism to strengthen the ties between Africa and Australia.

He proposed naming the club Hobart United. The club gained several sponsors including the Migrant Resource Centre. The club made its debut in Division Two in February 2003.

The squad consisted of 18 players. A 4–4–2 formation was introduced and eventually the team began to gel into a real club and results started coming.

Second Division Champions

The appointment of  Atef Abdaltam as head coach in early 2004 marked a significant turning point for the club.

Forged by a uniting spirit, the team blended individual flair, discipline, and physical presence to produce undeniably the best football of the competition.

Romilton was the team's inspiration playing in true Brazilian fashion with skill and artistic flair.

From back heels, bicycle kicks, fluid counter attacks to quick short passing – United stormed through the 2nd division in a 21 match unbeaten run to seal its first premiership title.

First Division Premiers & Summer Cup Champions

Hobart United FC accepted promotion to the First Division in 2005. A strong vocal crowd of supporters with their drums and chants proclaimed Hobart United the Summer Cup's new champion.

United proved that it deserved to be promoted with style and flair of play. Hobart United demolished team after team and accumulated 50 points, claiming the Division One Championship title and gained promotion to the Premier League in 2006.

Premier League Relegation

Promotion to the Premier League was a huge step for Hobart United. The club struggled to keep up with the level of competition in Tasmania's top League and failed to win a single game.

The club was relegated to the first division after losing both matches in a two legged play off against Taroona. Hobart United played a two-legged play-off vs Taroona, the division 1 champions,following their last placed finish in the 2006 Southern Premier League.

Taroona won 7–1 on aggregate, and as a result, Hobart United was relegated to division 1 for the 2007 season, and Taroona would take their place.

First Division Premiers Once Again

Under the guidance of coach Tony Tarros Hobart United took out the 2008 division 1 title. With the OTTO Boys at helm United displayed outstanding skill and teamwork all season with a great stopper (Nathan), sturdy defence, creative midfield and a free scoring attack.

Joyous celebrations unfolded after winning the league on home soil (Pontville) for the first time. Unfortunately United were unable to make the step up to the Premier League losing a promotion/relegation play off against New Town Eagles at KGV

Just Watch the video!!

Marmaid's Creation

The Ladies team formerly known as the marmaid, was created by pedro and the help of many of the senior players. With the sponsership of a few companies they were able to recieve jerseys

The ladies did tromendously Well competing just as well as the men's team Making us united

Unfortunately as the season progressed the ladies team seem to deminished as most players couldn't committ

Summer Cup Champions

The appointment of Mark Broadbent saw Hobart United take on team after team with a hard working ethic, which helped achieve the Summer Cup trophy, as well as leading the club near to the league title.

Milan Lakoseljac Cup Quarterfinalists

With the appointment of Dan Booth as the head coach, the senior side made it to the quarterfinals of the Milan Lakoseljac Cup (Statewide Cup), losing 4-1 to NPL side Launceston City FC. They also achieved a respective 3rd place in the Veto Southern Championship, while playing an attractive brand of football along the way.

THE Club Song   

The tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"       .

Former players from 2008

United former members and some Current Players