Hobart United FC emerged from the Tasmanian African community in 2002. Patrick, the club's first President, felt that the new club should embrace multiculturalism to strengthen the ties between Africa and Australia. He proposed naming the club Hobart United.



To develop and maintain a dynamic, entertaining, vibrant, inclusive and multicultural football in Tasmania.


To provide an inclusive and fair environment, facilities, competitions, coaching and development pathways for all the Tasmanian community. To meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. To offer participation opportunities for all, while being affordable and employing harmonious discipline practice in sports in Tasmania.


At Hobart United Football Club we will:

Provide a channel for mentorship, peer development along with sporting opportunities

Promote and embrace multiculturalism, to strengthen ties with the wider Tasmanian, community and newly arrived Tasmanian, through football

Develop young talents to represent Tasmania state, interstate and international competitions

Develop dynamic, entertaining and vibrant football opportunities for people of all ages, gender and background

Develop and maintain a generous and hospitable environment for all Tasmanians

Provide a fair pathways for all who want to participate in the World Game

Work cohesively with stakeholders and the Tasmanian community to achieve our objectives

Act with honesty and integrity and Be transparent, & accountable

Promote a harmonious, safe and healthy sporting environment

Build strong networks and integration in the Tasmania community


To develop and maintain Hobart United Football Club identity as a vibrant and viable multicultural football in Tasmania

To build a strong stakeholders network to ensure Hobart United Football Club is properly resourced

To increase the technical standards of our players and coaches through recruitment and youth

development to compete at a higher level within the state, interstate and international level